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How to Reset/Recycle Users In Bulk?


This article describes the feature that allows for the bulk action of reset and recycle on users from within the Portal.


  • Reset – Resetting will clear all the user specific data from of a user and allow for it then to be reused.
  • Recycle – Recycling a user gives a simplified screen to add in the new user’s name and email without needing to add in the data that has already been configured.


  1. Log into the Portal with a scope of Office Manager and above and navigate to the Users page within the domain desired. Checkboxes will be displayed to the left on the user names; as shown below.
  2. Check the boxes for all the users you wish to reset/recycle and click on the Bulk Action button as shown below.Screenshot_from_2018-06-25_11_27_30.png
  3. A pop-up modal will display the selected users, along with the actions that can be taken. The possible actions are Reset Users, Send Welcome Email and Force Password Reset; as shown below.
  4. Select Reset User. By selecting Reset Users you will be able to select which subscriber information you wish to be cleared; either individually or all (by clicking on Select All). By default the name, email address, password, Voicemail PIN, and additional phones/devices associated with the user will be deleted. The Reset Users modal is shown below.
  5. Choosing Select All Options twice will un-select all options. Once you have selected all the subscriber information you wish to reset click Next. You will be asked to verify your selected action as shown below.
  6. A status modal will show the progress of the reset and completion; as shown below.
  7. If you are resetting a user, the selected information will be cleared, and the user/extension will remain on the system for use at a later time. The user’s name will be blank, and the status will be displayed as Setup Required. The reset is now complete.
  8. When ready, you can re-assign the extensions individually, or by running the bulk edit Reset User function with the Recycle Users option selected; as shown below. By selecting Reset Users and the additional Recycle Users option, you will be given the opportunity to immediately reassign the user/extension you just reset.
  9. The same steps as those shown above for resetting users will be seen when recycling user(s), however, once the reset is complete, you will be presented a Next button, rather than a Close button.
  10. The Recycle Users form will appear; as shown here.
  11. Fill out the form for the new user. by completing the following fields
    1. First Name and Last Name are REQUIRED.
    2. Email is recommended if Portal Security options are enabled; or voicemail to email/transcription will be utilized.
  12. Users will be created with no secure password or voicemail password
  13. The Users status will now appear as Password Required.
Updated on October 2, 2020

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