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Polycom VVX 150/250/350/450 – Operation

Polycom VVX 350 OBi Edition IP Phone - 2200-48832-025

Factory Resetting

  1. Press the Menu/Home Key.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Advanced. The Password will depend on the profile:
    • Active (with profile): acquire and use the MAC Password
    • Inactive (no profile): default password, 456.
  4. Select Administration Settings.
  5. Select Reset to Defaults.
  6. Select Reset to Factory.
  7. Select Yes for Are you Sure.
  8. The Phone will reboot twice and it can then be provisioned.

How to Perform a Hard Reset

Use the below steps if the following is met:

  • The phone is on a boot loop and no longer going to the home menu
  • The default password or mac password don’t work
  • If its a 3rd party phone
  • The account is already canceled and you cannot access the account manager to download the extension CSV
  1. Reboot the phone and wait for the starting application.
  2. While the phone is in the starting application wait for the cancel button to appear then press it.
  3. The phone will show a 7 seconds count down. This is the only open window to press the key combination to go to the hard reset page.
    • Press and hold 1 3 5 within the 7-second count down until it prompts you to the password page
  4. Enter the device’s MAC ID as the password (e.g 0004f28619dc).
  5. Press the 2nd soft key that corresponds to the mode or (encoding) to change it to A->abc or a->abc.
  6. To get letter “F”
  7. Press 3 three times.

User Guide

For information on how to operate your Polycom VVX 150/250/350/450 not referenced here, please refer to the user guide.


Updated on November 4, 2021

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