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VoiceLogix Connect iOS Release Notes

iOS 3.3.2 (11/16/2022)

Issue Type
Issue Key

Release Notes Data
New FeatureIOS-1100Added support for sending and receiving GIFs.
BugIOS-1111Fixed a bug where codecs were not in the correct order.
BugIOS-1110Fixed a bug where having spaces in codecs UI config values caused a 488.
BugIOS-1108Fixed a crash condition that occurred when ignoring a second incoming call.
BugIOS-1076Fixed an issue with consecutive logs not attaching to the email form.

iOS 3.3.1 (10/21/2022)

Issue Type
Issue KeyRelease Notes Data
BugIOS-1099Fixed a bug where app was returning a 488 due to codec issues.

iOS 3.3.0 (10/20/2022)

Issue TypeIssue KeyRelease Notes Data
BugIOS-1058Fixed a bug where UI CONFIGS without a description were not being read properly.
BugIOS-1051Added setting to limit multimedia file size. Defaults to 1000000(1mb).
BugIOS-1042Fixed a bug where the star code was not being dialed when dialing from call history.
BugIOS-1018Fixed a bug where the app was not honoring the expiration time.
BugIOS-997Fixed a bug where voicemail badge was not updated until the user went into the voicemail tab.
BugIOS-985Fixed a bug where mute within app and CALLKIT were not in sync.
BugIOS-959Fixed a bug where an external keyboard on the iPad was moving the chat box out of the screen when trying to send a message.
BugIOS-938Fixed a bug where configs with a reseller parameter set were not being read properly.
Updated on November 16, 2022

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