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VoiceLogix Chrome Plugin


You can add the VoiceLogix Chrome plugin from the Chrome web store, Click here to go to the app store.


  • Automatic call logging with Salesforce and many other CRMs
    • Includes inbound and outbound calling with time, duration, and date
  • Click-to-call with any phone number in the browser
  • Automatic screen pops with over 50+ applications
  • Call history integration with seamless call back
  • Presence integration with phone system directory
  • Custom speed dial directory

The VoiceLogix app allows you to click to call, receive CRM screen pops, and more right from your web-browser. With over a dozen pre-built CRM integrations and more being added regularly you can count on VoiceLogix to improve workflows and streamline processes. Simply sign-in with your existing VoiceLogix login and you will be up and running in seconds.

Updated on December 2, 2020

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