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VL Connect iOS 4.0 Release Notes

iOS 4.0.1 (6/17/2024)

IOS-1355BugFixed a bug with receiving incoming calls after logging out.
IOS-1353ImprovementAdded logo back to login screen.
IOS-1352BugFixed a bug for a non-functioning ‘allow microphone’ access button.
IOS-1351BugFixed a bug where “Change Host ID” button was incorrectly shown on the login screen for branded apps.

iOS 4.0.0 (6/7/2024)

IOS-865BugCorrected a bug concerning calls not working with IPv6.
IOS-915StoryUpdated the login flow.
IOS-989BugFixed a bug where a missed call notification was not shown if the caller hung up before reaching voicemail.
IOS-1005BugAdded PORTAL_MMS_MAX_SIZE to limit multimedia file size.
IOS-1148BugCorrected an issue sending/receiving MMS.
IOS-1151ImprovementAdded logic to handle PORTAL_USERS_VMAIL_HIDE_FORWARD (default “no). Set to “yes” to hide the forward option for voicemails.
IOS-1208ImprovementSMS Numbers can support “+” character.
IOS-1296ImprovementAdded 988 as a default emergency number which will route calls via the native mobile dialer.
IOS-1304BugFixed an issue where sending large images resulted in a “Tap to Retry” error message even when the image was successfully sent.
IOS-1316BugFixed a bug where voicemail badge was not updated until the user went into the voicemail tab.
Fixed an issue where the app would crash when selecting an SMS number to start a new conversation.
IOS-1320BugFixed an issue where phone contacts were not showing the contact’s name on the Chat tab.
IOS-1323ImprovementRemoved the “use mobile data” setting from the application. Application defers to OS to manage best path for data and like other applications defaults to WiFi.  WiFi must be disabled or disconnected to force data to mobile path.
IOS-1325ImprovementUpdated voice SDK to latest version.
IOS-1326ImprovementCorrected an issue with accounts logged in via Microsoft SSO. Previously, if the application was left idle for a long period, inbound calls would not connect. Now inbound calls in this scenario will connect. This was already the case for Google SSO.
IOS-1327New FeatureAdded support for viewing v44.1 time frames in Answering Rules.
IOS-1328BugFixed a bug where iOS contacts were not shown when searching in a “start a new conversation” view.
IOS-1329ImprovementMade improvements with calling using Siri.
IOS-1333BugFixed an issue when MOBILE_IOS_ENABLED was set to “no”. When config was set, MOBILE_IOS_DISABLED_ERROR_MESSAGE was not honored.
IOS-1334BugFixed a bug when attempting to transfer a call while another call was on hold. Previously, transfers in this scenario would not work.
IOS-1342BugFixed a bug resulting in failure when sending an MMS as the first message in a new conversation.
Updated on June 19, 2024

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