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VoiceLogix Connect Android Release Notes

VL Connect 3.5.6 (3/26/2024)

Issue TypeIssue KeyRelease Notes Data
BugVLC-2198Resolved random app crashes when receiving chat/group messages.

VL Connect (3/19/2024)

Issue TypeIssue KeyRelease Notes Data
BugVLC-2192Added Prominent disclosure in the app to comply with Google’s data safety guidelines.

VL Connect 3.5.5 (3/7/2024)

Issue TypeIssue KeyRelease Notes Data
BugVLC-2178Added the correct permissions and can now send and receive audio properly in the background and foreground for devices running Android 14+.

VL Connect 3.5.4 (2/21/2024)

Issue TypeIssue KeyRelease Notes Data
BugVLC-1915VLC can now display an iFrame (WebView in Android) that can display a configurable webpage, title, and icon.  Pasting numbers into the dialer text field now works properly in VLC.
BugVLC-2116Corrected an issue causing the app to crash on Samsung Galaxy A70 devices.

VL Connect 3.5.3 (11/06/2023)

Issue TypeIssue KeyRelease Notes Data
BugVLC-1708Pasting numbers into the dialer text field now works properly in VLC.
BugVLC-2032Improved inbound calling stability with lots of fixes in various areas. Notifications should now be more reliable and faster than previous versions.
BugVLC-2039Fixed functionality to switch phones while on a call with a user that has an underscore in its username.
BugVLC-2065Improved logic for situations where the mobile app would intermittently continue to ring indefinitely after the call has ended or been answered elsewhere.
BugVLC-2100VLC now properly cleans up telephony resources when an orig restricted call ends.

VL Connect 3.5.2 (7/06/2023)

Issue TypeIssue KeyRelease Note Data
BugVLC-1898VLC now properly handles the image/video permission for Android 13, allowing transmission of images/videos in chat.
New FeatureVLC-1911Allowed granular queue login/logout call center agents and supervisors.
New FeatureVLC-1912Calls originating from a queue now display a headset icon with the queue name in the call history page and each call’s call history details page.
New FeatureVLC-1913Helper text is now shown for each of the statistics reported in the ‘My Stats’ section of the call center tab, explaining what each stat means.
New FeatureVLC-1914Mobile UI Config “MOBILE_SHOW_CALL_CENTER_AGENT” now shows the call center tab for more than the 2 original user scopes.
BugVLC-1927VLC now properly handles the updated notification permissions for Android 13.
BugVLC-1948VLC now obeys the system call audio volume when connecting calls with one exception: if the volume is below 25% of the max volume, the application adopts 25% of the max volume.
BugVLC-1951VLC now receives a push from the API prompting it to fetch new tokens, thereby avoiding the need for MFA every day.
BugVLC-1977Fixed issues for tabs showing even if the UI config is set to not show it.
BugVLC-1986Resolved an issue causing the Call Center tab to incorrectly disappear for a few user scopes.
ImprovementVLC-1990As an improvement in order to keep parity with portal settings, we will now default the value for the mobile call recording UI config (MOBILE_ANDROID_RECORD_ALLOW for VLC) to the value set in the portal (PORTAL_USERS___ALLOW_RECORDING).

VL Connect 3.3.0 (2/21/2023)

Issue TypeIssue KeyRelease Notes Data
BugVLC-1844Fixed bug causing app to crash when displaying the host ID dialog. 
BugVLC-1843Fixed bug causing app to crash when the user answers a call without the phone permission granted.
BugVLC-1823Special characters are now being shown in call history records.
BugVLC-1787Fixed a bug where videos disappeared in chat after sending a text message.
BugVLC-1770Resolved a bug with “add to existing contact”; when attempting to add a number to an existing contact, the app incorrectly displayed a blank contact list to choose from.
BugVLC-1768Fixed a bug where the filter flag did not persist when navigating away from the contact page and back.
BugVLC-1767Corrected text appearing in the “forgot login name” email pop-up notification.
BugVLC-1766Ensured that the “Permit Mobile Server Access” permission prompt is translated in French language.
BugVLC-1765Fixed a bug causing images to disappear in chat after sending a text message.
BugVLC-1764Corrected issues with the error notification related to connectivity problems. Resulting notification is now consistent and clear.
BugVLC-1761VLC now supports calling a number that is pasted into the dialer from the clipboard.
BugVLC-1747The arrows in VLC now properly correspond to the last message in the conversation (inbound or outbound).
BugVLC-1733Corrected bug that incorrectly displayed the “select number” dialog after hiding a call and returning to the app.

VL Connect 3.2.2 (10/15/2022)

Issue Type
Issue KeyRelease Notes Data
VLC now handles two incoming calls properly after the core telephony system changes.
BugVLC-1755Crash while loading chat messages is fixed.
BugVLC-1751VLC will now retain the BT connection when making an outgoing call.
BugVLC-1721Fixed a bug where the app was not honoring expiration time set in the Admin UI.
BugVLC-1718BLF / availability now works as intended between the dialer and the Contacts pages.
BugVLC-1717VLC now connects to a call properly in the call screen itself even if the app was not registered at the time the user answered the call.
BugVLC-1712Permissions flow is improved so that all permissions are requested in all app flows.
BugVLC-1707VLC now compresses images before sending them if they are over the size limit.
BugVLC-1706VLC now sets the “ToneGenerator” volume to the same as that of the notification channel.
BugVLC-1705VLC now shows answering rules properly in all circumstances.
ImprovementVLC-1704VLC now presents a dialog on the login screen prompting the user for consent to ping the MLP server and provides clear and unavoidable disclosure.
BugVLC-1694VLC will now hide the appropriate Gravatar UI when the UI Config is disabled in admin portal.
BugVLC-1693The prominent disclosure message for how contact data is being used now appears on every first login.
ImprovementVLC-1689The “timestamp” field now calculates latency experienced on the firebase push network and reports it to firebase performance.
BugVLC-1442VLC no longer clears dialer digits when leaving the app and returning.
Updated on April 15, 2024

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