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Resolving outbound calls tagged as Robocall/SPAM

This article provides background information and what to do if called parties tag your VoiceLogix outbound calls as robocall/spam calls.


Receiving parties tag RingCentral outbound calls as robocall/spam.


Recent regulations require companies to mitigate spam calls before fully developing the SHAKEN/STIR protocol used to detect them. Most calls marked as robocall/spam are reported by called parties to various vendors and not one entity.


VoiceLogix cannot control how numbers are tagged/marked by other carriers in their respective systems. If your outbound calls are marked as a “Robocall” or a “Potential Spam,” the following are recommended:

  • Advise the called parties to whitelist or add your VoiceLogix number to their Contact list.
  • See Call Blocking Tools and Resources and click on Tips to Avoid Having Legitimate Calls Blocked tab. Scroll to the bottom to see the direct contacts for all major US carriers.
Updated on June 6, 2022

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